The 200LX is my handheld,
I'll describe it: it's greenish and clamshelled.
It runs programs in DOS,
And it's too good to toss,
But the crack by the hinge needs a damn weld!

Alan Striegel

If you have this problem:  

The following solution appeared in May, 1998 in the Newsgroups: comp.sys.palmtops and comp.sys.handhelds attributed to David E. Wright.

    I went to my local TruValue Hardware store and bought a strip of polished brass 0.03in. (1/32) thick x 0.75in. (3/4) width.  You can usually find a small rack with variety of brass strips and tubing at most hardware stores.  I also picked up a product called JB-Kwik, which is an epoxy-like adhesive that you have to mix.  JB-Kwik is a fast drying (cures in 4 minutes) version of JB-Weld.  “This is glue…  Strong stuff”.

    I cut off two pieces, each 0.50 in long.  Rounded over the sharp edges. Bent a 0.06in (1/16) segment of one of the narrow sides down at 45 degrees to match the chamfer on the housing.  Scored the backside of the plate and the surface of the 200lx housing in a criss-cross manner.  Polished the surface of the plate with steel wool.  Mixed the JB-Kwik and coated the backside if the brass plate with JB-Kwik.  Pressed the plate in place, making sure to lease a tiny gap between the plate and the hinge hub.  And allowed the adhesive to cure overnight.

    I don’t think it doesn’t look too cosmetically disagreeable.